Trouble Spot Nutrition System Review – Is Trouble Spot Nutrition Scam?

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Does Bruce Krahn’s Trouble Spot Nutrition really work? Is it a scam? I’ve bought the book to see if it could really help me with my trouble spots in this Trouble Spot Nutrition Review. Read my real Trouble Spot Nutrition review here!




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Trouble Spot Nutrition Review

If you have ever wondered whether hormonal issues could be the cause of your fat issues, or you have simply heard of this concept before, Janet Hradil has created a product called Trouble Spot Nutrition to finally expose the truth behind this concept. Not many people know it, but cortisol, testosterone and leptin all have an influence on fat and weight of a person.

Trouble Spot Nutrition is intended to uncover everything about it, but does Janet really know what she is talking about?

Trouble spot nutrition works by combining 3 steps that must be done in the exact sequence.

The first step is to deactivate the fat storage enzyme in the body. This enzyme also known as HSD is responsible for large amounts of fat storage for those people who have a lot of this enzyme in their bodies.

HSD stands for Hydroxysteroid Dehydrogenase -1 that converts inactive cortisones in the body into unwanted, fat storing compounds.

Acne No More takes you step by step and the guide shows you how to get rid of acne, no matter how harsh, on your face. As an ex-sufferer of acne now, I can tell you that I have tried psychiatric sessions, hypnosis, Chinese medicine, even antibiotics, all of which were almost useless for me.

How Does The Trouble Spot Nutrition Method Work?

One of the main ideas about Trouble Spot Nutrition is to use methods to balance out the hormones that are found to be responsible for causing fat storage. Once you know all about hormones and how they affect your body, you too can implement the right techniques to start reversing fat gain in your body.

With this knowledge, you will then know exactly how to start burning fat off trouble spots, and be able to do so much easier than before once your hormones are activated. People with levels of HSD hormones will find themselves storing fat in much larger quantity than those who do not have it. By following this program, users will be utilising nutritional plans to reduce these enzyme levels and ultimately stopping the unwanted fat storage.

The main advantage this program has provided me with is that it is the only one that really helped me with my trouble spots effectively, while most other fat loss programs are only able to help me with whole body fat loss. After de-activing this fat storage hormone, the next step is introduce hormone balancing nutrition, which will be done through following the right diet.

One key discovery Janet found is that she can tell which hormones are off-balance simply by looking at the fat symptoms of a person. Specific hormones need to be targeted in order to truly lose fats from the trouble spots, whether they are on the arms, chest, love handles, belly, butt, hips or thighs. For example, if you have fats largely on your butt, hips and thigh, you are likely to have low growth hormone and high oestrogen, and tackling the cause can really bring about fat loss results quickly.

In the final step, Trouble Spot Nutrition goes on to activate a hormone that destroys fat even more quickly to reduce the trouble spots further.

To follow the program, you need to commit to about 15 minutes and may also need to give up some exercises that can possibly screw up the hormonal balance.


What Kind of Exercises Are Involved In Trouble Spot Nutrition?

The 15 minute per day exercises all use only the bodyweight. As mentioned, you may need to stop doing certain types of exercises if your fat trouble spots are in certain areas of your body. Worse, you may even find yourself doing certain exercises that are causing your trouble spots to store fats, hence you will want to stop these immediately.

Trouble Spot Nutrition also comes with a set of recipes that encourage fat loss and restore hormonal balance. These recipes come as part of the bonuses included with the downloadable package.


The recipes are included for each meal, which would include breakfast, lunch, snacks, supper and shakes. Dessert is also included, but the dessert recipes are only included to induce fat loss and healthy hormones, which do not include the fatty and unhealthy types.

Other Tips and Tricks that Comes in Trouble Spot Nutrition

Besides knowing exactly what to eat, you will also discover that the timings of your meal is also very important, with the most important timing being the hours after you have exercised. But don’t worry as I have found the recipes to be really delicious and not just some tasteless foods.

Another great bonus included is the one-on-one email consultation that all members get with the product owner, Janet Hradil. Besides, Janet’s husband is also a fitness professional and is on standby to answer all fitness related questions.

I have had the pleasure of communicating personally with Janet, and she was genuinely concerned about me when I communicated with her and I could feel her passion for wanting to help all her members. Janet and her husband both had hormonal-related fat issues before too, so they really understood every word that I had to say during our communication. I highly recommend checking out Trouble Spot Nutrition if you too are suffering from trouble spots.


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