Trade of the Week Review – Is MarketDeal’s Trade of the Week a Scam?


Do you want to learn more about the Trade of the Week service from the guys at TradingPub and how they can help you with your trading? This service goes into detail on the mechanics of many of the financial markets in the world, and places high emphasis on the importance of finding the right type of markets to trade. Hence, it is the main reason why some people can trade profitably on specific markets, yet find it difficult to teach it to others because of their own personal differences. TradingPub is also the place where I am able to find the best traders to learn from since joining.

What is the Goal of TradingPub’s Trade of the Week Service?

The whole idea of this site is to provide traders who join its site access to free trading education and access to the ideas provided by the top traders. By putting their resources online, MarketDeal’s Trade of the Week subscribers can make use of the web to access these ideas, have a community to exchange ideas with and get up-to-date trading ideas. Three key objectives were set by its owners when creating this site. The first main objective is to provide coaching by the top traders, second is to ensure there is a community to make sure trading remains enjoyable, and lastly, 10% of all revenues generated from the site are donated to charitable causes.

Who Are the Trading Coaches in TradingPub’s Trade of the Week and Which Markets Are Traded

There are a total of twenty coaches in this service, and they cover more than 5 trading topics in the financial markts. These markets include the Nadex, options, stocks, Forex, futures and also goes into details of market psychology. Larry Gaines covers the concept of Power Cycle Trading, Dave Aquino, Chris Dunn, Rick Staiton, Bill Costarides will cover futures trading, Ron Haydt and Andrew Keene on options trading and Frank Stanley goes into the topic of market psychology. All these traders do in fact have their own reputable trading training sites, thus having access to this site really gives me great value in my opinion.

What is the Biggest Drawback of MarketDeal’s Trade of the Week?

Because trading is an emotional activity, one of the main drawbacks of following trading systems is that one could always get emotionally caught up, enjoy a long run winning trades and forget the fundamentals of trading. Many traders who get caught up will increase the size of their trades, and winning these trades make it even worse since they will be even more inclined to increase their trade sizes further. Soon, emotionally affected traders begin increasing their stop loss sizes to try to make more money, go after the wrong trades and make a whole host of other mistakes. Thus, it is important to always remember to keep money management as a priority even as you follow the trades.

If you are considering whether to join this service, one way to evaluate their services is to start with their free once a week free online training session. Get access into the membership site and take a look at the previous trading sessions to see if their trading methods can fit your style and schedule.

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