The Bigness Project Review – Is The Bigness Project Scam?

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THE BIGNESS PROJECT is a 14 week hypertrophy program that Jen Sinkler and Kourtney Thomas created to get you bigger beautiful muscles. After using it, I have discovered my body responding very well to this program.

I definitely feel more toned and also, my movement has improved.

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In addition to doing the Bigness Project training program, I really dialed in my nutrition.  I started tracking calories and macros, because I needed the data as well as to ensure I was eating enough to fuel my muscles after workouts.  I have lost 12 pounds, and about 12 inches from my total body, that includes butt, waist, legs, etc.

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Now, you will have to invest the time for the Bigness Project program.  If I were to compare it to like a CrossFit workout, I would say you will need to be patient.  A CrossFit class might be about 45 minutes long, not including the warm-up and cool down exercises and of course depending on the WOD/day.

How Long Do THE BIGNESS PROJECT Exercises Take?

The Bigness Project sessions can take one and a half to two hours.  A two hour workout for me includes the cardio part offered in the program.

Is Cardio Compulsory In THE BIGNESS PROJECT?

It’s optional, but I enjoy a little cardio and Kourtney Thomas shows a smart way of doing it, if you choose to use it.  Keep in mind there will be longer rest breaks between sets and as you progress with the course, your rest will decrease but only from about 2:00 to 1:00.  The sets and reps increase as you progress the program.

Jen Sinkler and Kourtney Thomas will be relaunching The Bigness Project program May 2nd!  If you sign up for Jen Sinkler’s newsletter this week, she will deliver to you Kourtney Thomas’s  free arm builder. Trust me, you don’t want to miss this program!  If you have been wanting to switch things up, perhaps you train/workout but feel like you want to seem like you train, i.e. bigger toned muscles, then get this program.  The price is very reasonable and the results are satisfying!


There are many ways to improve your health, especially if you know about all the resources that are available to you. But, chances are, you don’t really know everything that you have at your disposal. For that reason, this review would like to improve your awareness levels by introducing you to a new program on the market that is currently accepting applications. Called the Bigness Project by Jen Sinkler, this program enables you to optimize your muscle growth and your mindset by teaching you everything that you need to know to succeed. With improved muscle size and a winning attitude, you will be able to achieve your fitness and health goals.

The Bigness Project is a program developed by Jen Sinkler, a fitness, wellness, and health coach with years of experience in the health industry. Her new program is one that will help you to develop lean muscle mass and to improve your workout approach so that you can finally meet your fitness and health goals. With larger muscle mass, you’ll also be able to burn fat throughout the day much more easily and effectively, thereby allowing the member to slim down and develop an amazing figure. One point to note about the Bigness Project is that there are only specific times of the year that it is open for applications.


The application process is in place due to the personalized approach of the system and the direct coaching provided by Jen Sinkler. The current round of the Bigness Project Coaching is full, but if you are interested, you can get on the waitlist so that you can secure your spot for the next round. The next round will be available in about the next 98 days. Hypertrophy is another word for boosting your muscle size and it is the purpose of this program.

The program acts as a hypertrophy training guide so that you can learn exactly what you need to know on how to improve muscle mass so that you can obtain a ripped physique. But, unlike other programs, this one also combines fat-cutting regimens that enable you to slim down in the process.

The program always fills up quickly, meaning that you too should try joining. To do so, continuously visit the website to secure a spot when it becomes available.

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*Disclaimer: The author does not guarantee results with her strategies.  

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