The Future of Health Now Review – Is The Future of Health Now Scam?


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by Patricia R.


The future of health now is a new platform for health and fitness, which has been founded by Christ Mercer and Erai Beckman. Mercer and Beckman are the owners of this science based health-publishing company. The goal for their business is to start a new health movement. This health movement will help to launch a campaign, which will impact millions of lives in a positive and fulfilling way.


Forum of 20 Scientists

Standing behind this new movement are a host of different scientists to assist with empowering individuals and families with the knowledge needed to make a life long informed decision. Each of these scientists is specialist in a variety of different fields and they have written books on a wide range of health and weight topics. With topics like, The Truth About Why You Get Fat, Hormone Balance for Men and Women, Enhance Power and Memory and Whole foods for Health, the group that is involved can talk collectively on what works and what does not work when trying to lose weight and also remain healthy. Their goal is to change the old way of thinking because it is broke and does not work for the masses. The new change will provoke or ignite a new way of medicine. According to some of The future of health now reviews, these forums are being well received.




Current Health Remedies

While these groups of specialist are focusing on their niche areas, they are also addressing areas that need change now. For example, in some situations, physicians are prescribing medications that only address the physical symptoms instead of addressing the actual problem. As a result, people can suffer with conditions like acid reflux and gerd on a consistent basis. Even though many of these doctors are familiar with natural remedies that will completely resolve the issues, they will continue prescribing harsh medicines. One of the main reasons why some physicians exclude valuable information is because of the money (i.e. natural and home cures do not generate big profits). However, it is common knowledge that pharmaceutical suppliers are making big profits at the expense of people who are sick and need the right type of cure.


The Future of the Health Now and Losing Weight

According to Dr. John Bernard, the percentages are extremely low for those who lose weight on different types of diets. In fact, he projected that only 5% of diets actually work. He also addresses how to solve this by telling the dieter what they should do to correct it. This information comes from a collective efforts of all scientist.


Online Interviews

When these well known scientists are interviewed and it airs for the first time, the price is free. On the other hand, if the individual would like to review them at a later time, there will be a charge. The charge for these interviews will be available, however, in the form of three levels of memberships. Each level has been designed to provide more interviews on a continuous basis. For those who have memberships, they will also have a chance to interact with each specialist in a question and answer platform. These interviews will apply to everyone and any age group.


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