Solo Ad Escape 2 Review – Does Solo Ad Escape 2 Really Work?

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Note: This is Solo Ad Escape 2 review. If you are looking for Solo Ad Escape 2 official website or checking for a special discount, then CLICK HERE.

What Is Solo Ad Escape 2 All About?
Solo Ad Escape 2 is a short 23 page (PDF) report that covers how Kevin stopped his Solo add business which was making him $5,000 per month and started to focus on product launching and affiliate marketing that has taken his online business to $20,000 – $30,000 per month. Kevin explains in his report why he decided to change the focus on his internet business and then offers some advice for current solo ad partners to do the same thing. The report is broken down into 4 no fluff, to-the-point chapters that a member can easily read and finish within an hour. I don’t about you but I hate buying a product, only to find myself going through all the crap searching for the good parts.
Here’s what is  covered inside Solo Ad Escape:

  • Chapter 1 (Introduction): Short 6 pages of why Kevin created the training course and why he moved his core business away from Solo Ads.
  • Chapter 2 (The Escape Route): Covers 3 methods Kevin uses to segment his list using Squeeze pages, Surveys and Early bird sequences.
  • Chapter 3 (Building Your Online Business The Right Way): The meat of the report covering how to brand your business from the first day, how to create the perfect funnel and how to increase your value per customer.
  • Chapter 4 (Solving The Traffic Problem): The final chapter of the report covers alternative traffic to Solo ads, which involves using Facebook Ads and how to re-target potential clients.
What I liked most about the Solo Ad Escape 2 report:a) Precise and straight to the point.
b) Report is from someone who has an active internet business and speaks from experience.
c) Liked the pay-per-lead strategy covered on Page 21 and is the best and cheapest per lead source of traffic for my business todayWhat I liked least about the report:a) Although The report was short and sweet, having some case studies would have been very beneficial to a reader in my opinion.
Kevin Fahey says the online marketing industry has changed a lot. He says solo ads used to be one of the best sources of high-quality traffic. But, all that has changed and getting high quality traffic through solo ads is getting more and more difficult to achieve. Kevin narrates how he once made use  of the use of high-quality solo ads to build his email list and how he became a solo ad vendor himself. Then, the situation turned around for the worse quickly.


The solo ad competition heightened, click through rates dropped, solo ads sales dropped, and then, according to Kevin, his reputation as an internet marketer began to go down as well.

He suffered rejection from his JV partners and so on. Then, he figured he had to do something to correct this bad solo ad situation he was in. He figured he had to get out the solo ad rat race, fast. According to him, he eventually escaped and started to make $20,000 to$30,000 per month, instead of the $10,000 per month which he was making from selling of solo ads before the solo ad marketplace became a nightmare.

ConclusionWhether or not you have your own product to sell online today, this product can help you, because you can either use the traffic to see your own products and send them to make affiliate sales. Coming up with a product is also made very simple as this cours teaches how to come up with a product concept that is ensured to sell and draw in affiliates within 15 minutes. Kevin teaches how to create your product in a matter of hours (not days or weeks) even if you’re a complete beginner (using complimentary tools). Finally, Kevin does not leaving out outsourcing everything, a particularly useful skill for those who do not wish to handle product creation, build a website, or write sales copy.The traffic sources that Kevin teaches are the exact traffic sources I use in my business today as these are what are working right now. These quality traffic can be acquired for as low as a cent per click … yes, those one cent clicks still exist, if Kevin’s step-by-step instructions are followed. My primary traffic source for the past 3 years that permits you to just pay for traffic from just top-tier nations, pay only when you get a lead, and pay only after you have actually gotten the traffic– This alone deserves much more than the cost of this report, IMO!



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