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by Antton S.


Mark Anthony and Ricky Mataka, two of the most prominent marketers in this industry, created Six Figure Mastermind for other fellow marketers. Here is the list of every week training program going to be done:

Break down of what you will learn in 12 weeks:

Week 1 – Business model: In this model you will be taken through all the different types of models online to choose from.

Week 2 – Research: Sources of research and find certain ideas for products creation.

Week 3 – Product creation: The skill of learning how to create new products will be taught. Ricky and Mark will show learners how to come up with their own ebooks, videos and many others.

Week 4 – Copywriting: Apart from having your products, you also need to have good, preferably excellent copywriting skills. You will learn how to take prospect and turn them into paying customers.

Week 5 – Joint ventures: In this stage you will be taught on how to make partnership for creating products and along with that, the ways you have to promote the product, since the promotion of products is a very important part in online marketing.

Week 6 – Email marketing: Email marketing is the best option to promote your product and then start your sales of the product. You will be taught the proper way to achieve this.

Week 7 – Generating traffic: To sell products on the internet, you need to generate traffic. The site which you hold your product should be getting daily traffic, so you need to generate traffic for your all your new sites. Ricky and Mark will tell you how to generate traffic for your site using mostly effective paid sources.

Week 8 – Market place: You will learn where best to sell your products.

Week 9 – Funnels: All the fun in internet marketing just begins at this stage, here is where you will be taught on how earn money with the products you have created on funnel sale via the up and down sale of the product.

Week 10 – Outsourcing: Creating a product is alone not enough; you need to know how to outsource the product. In this stage you will be taught how to outsource the product created by yourself to others so that you don’t have to work hard. There are numerous sites that you can outsource your job. For making it work, the Six Figure Mastermind will teach you.

Week 11 – Conversions: You can make a substantial income by converting buyers of the prospects in a sole way to make money. The module will demonstrate how to make money every day by boosting the conversion rates of your websites.


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