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by William B.

The team of FOREX MEGADROID created the PipJet. The team is among the prime FX trading niche authorities around. This is not just our claim, but is proven by more than 3 years of experience in the market as well as more than 44.000 happy customers. Forex Megadroid, our first robot, was on top of the market when it was launched in March 2009 and is still the markets top performing robot after more than 3 years of existence. Any affiliate and/or trader knows fully-well that you cannot remain on top and be next to none in the niche of automated FX trading 3 years after launch if you have a so-so product.


1. What is Pipjet all about and Since When Has it Been in Live Trade?

For more than 2 years. PipJet is an EA which is erstwhile in development. 5 (FIVE!) real-money and live account statements back it up and is probably among the best-performing robots in the marketplace. Not like any other robot the goodness of PipJet’s performance proof shows that it has been losing very few trades and has an extremely low drawdown after nearly TWO years of trading. (Take a peek at the account statements and you will be gladly surprised)


2. What Differentiates PipJet in Contrast to other Market Expert Advisors?

This is exactly what sets a BRAND apart from a clandestine operation. Worthless niche products pumped into the system are a usual sight for us. This come with fancy marketing as well as sales letters that come with excessive hype that do not bring any product value with it. Since we ARE traders, we have constantly been serious with our trading, which has constantly been shown in all things that we carry out from the onset to the end of the line. For your information, our Forex Megadroid clients have benefited 13 robot updates since it was launched.


3. Instead of Directing Your Attention on How You Trade, Focus Instead on What You Should Trade with PipJet

It is now always a question of “how” or methodology, it’s “WHAT you put on the table and trade. We mean it when we say “everything will be turned around by this expert advisor!” You’ve plainly been at the wrong venue looking for solutions, when the solution was just in front of your eyes. We all know that two currencies never have the same or similar behavior. But EVERYONE has overlooked the activity of this particular currency pair at a certain point of the day. You’ll be astounded, once you realize the development and deepness of the profit potential herein. You’ll surely have that “AHA!” moment and wonder why you didn’t see this in the first place.

Do you have an idea about price channels? Simply put, this refers to the sideways movement of the currency pair with a particular range. Price channels refer to some technical information which is VERY lucrative or profitable: this is a conventional trading axiom. Nonetheless, the discovery herein puts price channels in a whole new echelon or plateau (specific pair price channels to be exact!). “Hidden” data was discovered by the team of Forex Megadroid, and the moment you take a look at it, you will come to realize why it is an occasion to make profit on this currency pair AND its side-way ranges that are very predictable in SINGLE DAY YOU TRADE!


PipJet will be available from the 26th of June.


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