My Mobile Money Pages Review – Is My Mobile Money Pages Scam?

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My Mobile Money Pages REVIEW

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Created by internet business owner Andrew Davidson for generating online commissions with a mobile device

My Mobile Money Pages is a new breakthrough simplified online income program

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FULL REVIEW OF My Mobile Money Pages

My Mobile Money Pages is an internet marketing training and software system by Andrew Davidson.  Through his course and with this use of his software, Davidson  can teach the novice marketer with little to no prior experience how to generate nearly $550 per day with nothing more than a mobile phone and computer in as few as 15 minutes with just 3 clicks of the mouse.

What Is My Mobile Money Pages All About?

In a nutshell, My Mobile Money Pages is about using websites to rank atop the search engines to obtain free traffic and residual income — but with a twist.  You learn what to sell based on things that people search for using their mobile phones.

My Mobile Money pages software can be run on your mobile device so you can put the software to work for you anywhere. This product does not only allow you to a build website, but it also allows members to research keywords and learn more about making money. It has been around for several years and it works automatically. In this review, I will take a closer look at this software and try to determine whether this is a scam or not.

Review Verdict: My Mobile Money Pages is a legitimate product that works

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How Exactly Does “My Mobile Money Pages” Work?

Essentially, My Mobile Money Pages works as its own website builder, including many WordPress features, to help the software better understand what exactly you’re looking for in a website.

To start, you will be filling out some website information, that includes your desired:

My Mobile Money Pages’ User Interface

 – Subdomain Name (Keyword)

– Main Domain (Type)

– E-mail Address

– Site Title

– Password

– Adwords Account

By end of Step 1, you will have created your own website ready to make money with.

All you do from here, is enter in your keyword, to obtain a list of the most profitable 50 keywords within that niche. From there, simply click on export, and the keywords will be used to automatically create your 2-minute website. The way the software program works is by a scraper to generate content for your sites automatically.

Which Timeframes and Currency Pairs Does My Mobile Money Pages Work On?

Everything is very systematically and quickly done. You’ll see that it is all set on a default theme, the images go where they are supposed to, along with the content, and such. What happens after you click on the “Start” button is the software goes out on the web, and starts scraping everything relevant to that keyword. Thus, it will do its own specific search on Google, Yahoo and Bing, and begin to input the various images, links, and content on this website.

Review Verdict: My Mobile Money Pages is a legitimate product that works

Visit My Mobile Money Pages Website

The My Mobile product works by creating automated landing sites for users who input a keyword. The software scours the internet for content relevant to that keyword and then populates a newly-created page for users to market.

Income is then generated by advertising revenue from site visits.

My Mobile is available for a one-time access fee of $39.95 through ClickBank.

The opportunity presented by My Mobile is, according to the site’s promotional materials, the ability to make high levels of passive online income with just a few minutes of work a day.

My mobile money Pages uses software to generate a website from a pre-loaded template. Users select what they want to put into the template, and My mobile Money Pages software builds out a mobile friendly website for it.

The initial price of the upfront product for my mobile money Pages is $39.95. This allows you to have access to the software, which will build the mobile friendly websites.

There are actually 3 Upsells associated with the product. The first is a done for you web service that Andrew claims will allow members to be able to have their sites built for them in profitable niche is. The price for this is $197.

The second upsell for my mobile money Pages is a $67 monthly membership to the members’ area.

And the final upsell is an advanced version of the software that cost $97 and automatically creates backlinks for your new mobile website to boost traffic and commissions even further.

Review Verdict: My Mobile Money Pages is a legitimate product that works

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Conclusion about My Mobile Money Pages


We recommend to download My Mobile Money Pages softwaregiven the results we have seen with it. My Mobile Money Pages is digital product. You’ll be able to purchase My Mobile Money Pages immediately after purchasing access to it.


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