MyFreeShares Review – Does MyFreeShares Really Work?

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Note: This is MyFreeShares review. If you are looking for the MyFreeShares official website or checking for a special discount, then CLICK HERE.

MyFreeShares is owned and run by This is the same group that rusn, DonkeyMails, and other MultiMoneyGroup sites. At MyFreeShares, members earn what they call “shares”, and each link clicked earns 0.01 share per link you click for the member who clicked it.
Another way of earning shares is to refer others, when you will get 1 full share for every person whom you referred and also confirms his or her email. Members do need to reach $10 to cash out, which we were able to do and pleased with, and it was achievable very quickly. When you cash out, MyFreeShareswill deduct 3 shares from you per $1. Which means you will be deducted a total of 30 shares when if you cashout.
The more shares you have in your account the more you can make. You also earn commission off of the site revenue from purchased advertising. We are adding to our legit list. The main reason is that they are paying us and payment proofs can be found throughout the internet. Also, the tasks required to be completed are not too ridiculously time-consuming that it is well worth the time to complete the tasks.
Do join MyFreeShares if this is an income source you want to create for yourself!


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