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What Is Muscle Matrix Solution?





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The Muscle Matrix Solution’s owner is making some amazing claims about his new training program, but can you really trust it?

The promises from Ryan Hughes, the trainer behind this program, is that anyone can gain muscle, burn fat quickly and achieve their dream perfect alpha male body by using just 30 minute per day, exercising for 3 times per week.

This muscle training program is designed for anyone who wishes to build muscles in the targeted areas that Ryan highlights, and based on my own experience and many others who have tried it, it has certainly fulfilled all the big claims that Ryan claims his method can accomplish.

So What Exactly is The Muscle Matrix Solution All About?

If you already know who Ryan Hughes is, I’m sure you probably know about his beliefs about hormones and how they need to be optimised in order to trigger your body to build muscle while burning fat.

While I was initially skeptical about all this theory, I was soon converted and completely understand how lowering cortisol and growing growth hormone and testosterone in the process of body-building is so important, based on the results I was seeing on my own body.

How Does Manipulating Your Hormones Work For Muscle Building?

In order to build muscular strength and muscle mass, testosterone is crucial and helps in the process tremendously. Of course, testosterone serves many other functions for the male body, but is especially important to control if one wants to see great results in bodybuilding.

As a male ages, his or her testosterone levels decrease naturally over time. Besides ageing, this hormone also drops due to personal life style factors like bad diet choices and poor exercising regimes. The more important thing to understand is that testosterone levels can be boosted again by doing the right exercises and eating the right foods.

By raising growth hormones in the body, it is also scientifically proven that weight loss can be accomplished more quickly. If you follow the popular celebrities’ fitness trainers in the media who also have great bodies, you might have heard them talk about growth hormone and why it is important to lose weight, which is completely true.

The final component to control and reduce is cortisol, since high levels of this hormone will make it difficult for fat loss to occur. In a nutshell, cortisol is what forces the body to cling onto the fat, making it seemingly impossible to burn away regardless of hours spent exercising.

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Muscle Matrix Solution Program


By having the right dieting and exercise regimes and doing it consistently, Ryan has taught myself and thousands of men to lower their levels of cortisol, and as a result, fat-burning has been almost a breeze ever since.

Who Is Ryan Hughes and What Are His Credentials?

If you are looking for a coach who knows his stuff and is experienced in his field, Ryan certainly passes those criteria. Since the age of 15, Ryan was already in the fitness industry learning all the nuances of what it takes to get a great body. He was able to apply this knowledge on his own body to attain the body that he can proudly boast about today.

Many other of Ryan’s clients I have spoken to have also reported great results, so I am convinced that I am not an outlier who succeeded by luck, hence I am confident to recommend Ryan’s programs to all my friends who have struggled with their fat loss and bodybuilding efforts with me before. Ryan has proven himself by winning one of many bodybuilding competitions he has taken part in, making himself one of the top sources of fitness coaching today.

One aspect that makes Ryan’s Muscle Matrix Solution method so popular is the fact that is works for both the large male to lose fat and build muscle, and also for the skinny male to build lean muscle. Muscle Matrix Solution covers the exact exercises and diet needed to accomplish both goals clearly.

How Is the Muscle Matrix Solution Program Structured?

This program comes in a total of 3 sequential parts, with each part containing step-by-step instructions that one needs to implement into their lifestyles to start transforming their body.

The first part of the program covers the workout component. Ryan explains the exact exercises that should be done and how to do them properly to successfully reduce hormones that cause fat storage, while increasing testosterone to boost muscle gains. This is really the main component as that separates Muscle Matrix Solution from other exercise programs that have failed for me and most guys. This is because you will avoid doing exercises that are in fact really bad for your body when it comes to hormonal change, resulting in stubborn fat forming that is hard to remove from the body. The entire regime of Ryan’s program only requires 3x per week commitment, and each day’s exercises only take up to a maximum of 30 minutes. There was absolutely no confusion when following this program.

The second component is all about nutrition. This is the second key aspect that balances a male’s hormones and maximises the effects of the exercises. When the hormones are in the right balance, eating the right foods will then build muscle and fat burn in exactly the way they were supposed to. Again, the foods and eating frequency are clearly explained so there is no confusion from readers.

The third and final component of the program is on the topic of supplements. To truly accelerate results, Ryan details the secrets of using supplements that Ryan uses himself to ensure his workout and eating habits have maximum benefits. For most people, it is difficult to get all the nutrients they need in the right times, hence supplements come in to ensure that this is not a problem, by providing the body with exactly what it needs at the right time.

What Are Some Of The Advantages and Disadvantages of Following the Muscle Matrix Solution Program?

Advantages: The first benefit I would highlight is obviously the fact that it does work. You probably already know that it is not difficult to find a training program anywhere on the internet, but actually finding one that works was almost impossible, at least before Muscle Matrix Solution. Also, the step-by-step instructions made the whole process stress-free and without confusion, and this is not something I can say about any exercise program. The entire package is downloadable and not physical, meaning that you can get your hands on them in just a couple of minutes WITHOUT having to wait for a box to arrive on your doorstep. Once you have this program, your biggest effort will be to actually open it up, jot down what you need to do on your calendar, and just go and do them when the time comes regardless. You will find your health improving, both mentally and physically, which would come as a result of hormonal balance in your body.

Disadvantages: This program does require certain lifestyle habit changes, and following through on them is absolutely critical to making this program work. As with any training program, there will be certain groups of people who cannot follow-through simply because they do not want to change their lifestyle, which is completely fine. If you are not preparing to change how you are currently working out or eating, perhaps this program would not be so suitable for you then. A complete overhaul on nutrition and exercise is absolutely necessary in making this program work, and you should be in a mental state to accept change before starting on the program. If you are prepared, then you will benefit immensely like all the successful clients too.

Getting Started With Muscle Matrix Solution

I honestly believe that any male who is interested in muscle gain and fat burn should at least go through this program at least once. Deciding to check this program out has been the pivotal turning point in my workout results. It was worth every penny I spent on it, and I followed through with 100% commitment and desire to change as I was sick of spending much of my time and not seeing amazing results.


If you need to breakthrough with your workouts, by tackling the true cause of failure which is hormonal balance, then reading Muscle Matrix Solution is very necessary to learn the exact to go about it. A money-back guarantee is also provided for buyers, and can be claimed for unsatisfactory results or if any of the promised program materials are not delivered. Purchasing through the official site is necessary to gain all the proper program materials and also qualify for the bonuses and money-back guarantee.

The official website can be found here at the Muscle Matrix Solution Official Website.

So I hereby conclude my review and experience with Ryan’s program, and hope you have gained a better insight into the Muscle Matrix Solution product. Hope to see you using the program too and join the list of success stories soon 🙂

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