Life Coaching Certification Review – Does It Work?

Reviewed Product: Life Coaching Certification

Price: $97

Creator: Dr. Joe Rubino

Refund Period: 60 Days

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We all want to progress and achieve great things in life. However, we rarely have the motivation to help us get started off. Steve G. Jones is a renowned American hypnotherapist. Using his complete course on life coaching certification Steve has transformed the lives of many.

1. What is the Life Optimization Coaching program all about?

This is a step by step process that Steve uses to empower people so that they can become skilled life coaches. The product comes along with tools that make you go to greater a length as far as life coaching is concerned. With this product you can build your own life coaching business and become very successful. Steve provides the information and goes as far as you the motivation you need to implement that information.



2. The advantages of Steve G Jones Life Optimization Coaching (what you actually get)

The value creation system

This will give you the exact things you need to do so as to make your products and services more valuable to an extent that no one will resist them.

Level one coaching design

Get to know the initial steps you need to undertake to develop a simple and efficient model with which you will use to turn around other people’s lives.

Entrepreneurial and small company training

You will learn to train those naturally talented business owners so that they can tremendously increase their profits.

Coaching on career planning and development

Know the distinction between people concerned with advancing their career and those who simply want to work alone. Based on this you can then assist them to progress.
Artistic creativeness coaching

Here you learn how to assist naturally born artists nurture their talents and make the most out of their artistic creativity.

Determining the perfect candidate

This helps you identify the best person based on the training they require to be successful.

Emotional mastery

Emotions are the key drivers of our actions. You will learn ways of motivating people simply by tapping into their emotions and also making them become a master of impact.

Goal setting

Goals are necessary for everyone to achieve their goals. Steve will teach you the best way through which you can get others to set achievable goals.

Relationship development

Making and maintaining relationship will help you achieve a lot as a life coach. Steve will impart in you the knowledge and skills you need to build lasting relationships with your customers.

Communication tactics

Different people need different forms of communications. In this part of the program Steve will teach you how to communicate specifically to each client.

Evaluating needs

Once you know what a client intends to achieve you can assess their needs based on the goals they have set for themselves.

Four circles of the coaching model

This will make you know how the coaching model actually works.

Steve G Jones gives you the above in his life coaching program plus many others. Other things that you stand to gain from the product include

The power of questions

Mastering intuition

Preparing for the role

Motivational tactics

Developing rapport

Your first consultation

Honing your approach techniques

Overcoming setbacks

Program development

Confronting hesitation

Developing homework assignments

3. How much does Life Optimization Coaching cost?

The program goes at $97 which is 89% cut off from the retail price. Compared to what you stand to gain from it the amount is nothing. Also Steve gives you a chance to try out the program free for 60 days.

4. Conclusion 

There are numerous people who want to make great changes in their lives but lack the motivation to do so. Steve Jones is giving you the opportunity to lift up these people. Get into the life coaching program and learn how to transform other people’s lives.



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