Jeremy Matthews My First Online Payday Review

Jeremy Matthew’s “My First Online Payday” Program – Our Full Review

Hi there and welcome to our review on “My First Online Payday” by Jeremy Matthews.

Does My First Online Payday Really Work, Or Is It Just A Scam?

While we were truly skeptical at first, the results from our trading account through using My First Online Payday was actually quite impressive. The profitable trades are coming in very consistently and has been going on for more than 5 weeks now (as at the time of writing).

$50 Free Initial Deposit Provided the Founders of My First Online Payday

As a new member of My First Online Payday, you will also be able to receive a free USD$50.00 deposit. This amount was added to our accounts straight after we made the initial deposit to activate our accounts. The fact that trader Jeremy Matthews and his team is putting up his money where his mouth is gave us some more confidence that he trading strategies and robot will really work. 2 weeks after our initial deposit, we made a withdrawal of our initial deposit and was very glad that it all went through without a hitch, and every amount of profits that My First Online Payday made for us were immediately withdraw-able.

How Much Money Can Be Made Using My First Online Payday?

Even though this is a trading robot that wins a lot of its trades, it does still come in with the occasional losing trade and should come as no surprise. Even the best traders in the world do not win every time, so if you decide to go ahead with My First Online Payday, you can also expect some fluctuations between winning and losing trades. But just like a winning poker player, My First Online Payday always manages to finish the day profitable, which was very good to see. As long as the simple instructions for setting up the robot are done correctly, there is no need to tinker much of the settings as it does not make much difference anyway, from our experience. When you let My First Online Payday make enough trades for you, the luck factor then starts to go away and the profitable days can be churned out consistently.


Does My First Online Payday Have Any Success Stories?

Inside the membership area of My First Online Payday, we were also able to communicate with many of the past members who have been successfully using this system for several months before us. It is safe to say that My First Online Payday works, and the owners of the system have been very quick to address any queries we had in the backend membership area. It is a very tight-knit community but Jeremy does share a lot of his successes to those who are signed up as members.

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What Do Members of My First Online Payday Receive?

Inside the membership area, we were able to access a trading alert software, plus 3x full trading systems for those who are experienced in trading and wish to review the strategies and possibly make their own tweaks to the system to suit their own circumstances. The trading software provides real time analytics that works to push up the win rate of the trades in the account. Hence, you could say that it is a complete education + automated trading platform which makes us comfortable to recommend it even for beginners. At the end of the day, My First Online Payday is about make consistent income trading binary options from home (or anywhere in the world with an internet connection)

Further Technical Details of My First Online Payday

If you are a complete newbie with trading, you may want to skip this part if you do not understand the jargon, but nonetheless it is not necessary to start with My First Online Payday. In general, experienced traders will be able to spot that the automated robot has 4 main strategies it uses, and it trades in various timeframes, the lowest being the 30 minute timeframe. But with the automated nature of the system, even experienced traders no longer have to spend many hours sitting in front of charts and technical analysis indicators when they use this system anymore.

The Spring Approach is adopted when the system wants to trade countertrend, after a previous trend has completed its course. The Impulse technique is used for new trends that just begin, and the Propulsion technique is used during a secular trend, after a correction has just happened. For those experienced traders, they can in fact dig deeper and learn these trading methods themselves, with complete setup, entry and exit rules fully provided. In summary, My First Online Payday covers very comprehensive every type of market condition, so members do not have to worry about their account values dipping suddenly when there is a financial or any other types of market crises.

So Is My First Online Payday Right For You?

The entire trading process for making money has been really simplified in My First Online Payday, making it very accessible even for those who have no experience trading. When the right conditions for a trade come up, the trading software triggers and automatically trades (or informs the traders who wish to do it manually). Alerts can also be set-up for manual traders, so they don’t have to sit in front of the screen and can go about their day doing whatever they like.

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