Income with Jamie Review

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This review is about Jamie Lewis’ Income With Jamie initiative and how it is helping affiliate marketers mint their own cash from home. By now, it is safe to assume that you have already watched the introductory video by Jamie Lewis regarding the latest training program. One thing about Jamie that strikes most people as unusual especially compared to other so called internet gurus is the fact that he does not flaunt his wealthy acquisitions. You won’t see him introducing you to his houses and fancy cars. I have to confess that even before trying out these latest techniques by Jamie Lewis, I have been a beneficiary of his older training programs, during which time I have been getting very useful tips from these programs. This latest one comes with all the necessary insights to help his students keep ahead of the rest in this competitive affiliate marketing world.

1). In what Ways do Beta-Testers Make Money using Jamie’s Program?

This program is tailored towards the high ticket items which make affiliate marketers be able to earn higher commissions. However, he does discourage people from depending on their own products to sell. He says that for a beginner to get off flying, the affiliate route is the best. With this route, many problems which beginners have to be subjected to are bypassed. For instance, they do not have to manage joint venture relations, handle customer service or even process payments as would be necessary if they were handling their own small business.

2). What Can Income With Jamie Members Get in the Membership Area and the Training Program?

The program is composed of 6 months of webinars which offer live personalized training. Inside the program, users can take advantage of free traffic generation methods that Jamie teaches. In order to help members with the training, Jamie also offers personalized consultations. As to how much a student can make is really up to him or her. Generally, the more sophisticated techniques that are used, the higher the traffic and hence commissions that a person can get. The objective of the program when it concludes is to equip learners with techniques that can enable them to build their own online-marketing businesses and at the same time, get those ventures up and running profitably.

3). Who Really is Jamie Lewis and is He to Be Trusted?

If you have some experience with affiliate marketing, then surely you know Jamie Lewis or at the very least, you must have heard of his name. Jamie Lewis has built a name for himself as the quintessential marketing guru and he is very well known in the affiliate marketing circles. He is also a philanthropist who likes giving back to the society, apart from the cutting edge traffic generation techniques he constantly provides. As a long time member of the Income with Jamie initiative, I have benefited from important coaching lessons when I required it the most.

4). Priceless Skills I have Already Learned from Jamie’s Income With Jamie Program

Although I am still in my early days with the program, there is a lot that I can write home about. The most important ones are tips to generate great commissions. The specific techniques I am talking about are things like flipping sites for money, setting up profitable blogs, YouTube video marketing as well as social media marketing. Outsourcing is yet another important technique I have learned from Jamie’s course. It involves getting someone to do those time-consuming chores but at a much lower fee.


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