Income Entourage 2 Review – Is Travis Stephenson’s Income Entourage 2.0 Program a Scam?

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Are you looking for more information about Travis Stephenson and Jamie Lewis’s Income Entourage 2.0 program, or is this simply another overhyped scam from the Internet marketing space that you should ignore? The original version of this software was primarily designed to build squeeze pages, also known as capture pages.



This newer and updated version does much more than that and has been updated with all the recent changes to the way Google works. After going through this course, you will learn the significant importance of having your own squeeze pages and driving consistent traffic to them.


1. How Much Income Can A User of Income Entourage 2.0 Expect to Make?


If you have already read through the offer page, you have probably already seen Travis talking about how there is no guarantee that one will make money once he or she has signed up for this program. It really depends on how much you put these techniques into practice, and thankfully most of my income streams are working exactly as what Jamie and Travis have described. In order to achieve the type of paydays that both the coaches are getting, it is necessary to duplicate the systems across various niches to really leverage the power of the methods.


2. What Are Some of the Techniques Taught in the Income Entourage 2.0 System?


Some of the methods taught inside may actually quite simple, and are mainly around the concept of niche marketing and list building. From the first steps of niche finding to reaching the end goal of creating a passive income stream from the niches. The most important skill I have learned from the coaches so far is how to get my sites in front of the audience, whether it is by written text or videos. For most of the products, I would then make a commission out of every sale that I drive immediately, while others pay me for every signup that I refer.


3. What Are the Most Important Assets that You Will Be Creating Following the Income Entourage 2 System?


Out of all the training materials and tips I have learned, I would say that building a list is definitely one of the most key skills to have and implement to ensure having a long term online income. The people on your lists not only allow you to know what your market is really looking for, but also allow you to provide long term value to your list and earn a passive income as well. By having lists, I can now also fully leverage the methods in the coaching program to refer other related products and generate more income. Income Entourage 2.0 will be available for download on the 4th of June.

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