Friends into Lovers Review – How Does Eric Edgemont’s Friends into Lovers Work?

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A number of people, at some point, will have someone of the opposite sex who they see as a friend but actually desire them to evolve into their lover. This person may even be someone who you have had some kind of secret crush on for a number of years and it has been eating away at you all that time.


Well this is very common and perhaps the part that is the hardest is the fear you have of telling them and then wondering if even the friendship itself will survive or not. However help is at hand in the form of the Friends into Lovers program which is designed to help you turn that friend into the lover you dream of. The aim of the book? To assist you in getting rid of those obstacles in the way of them becoming more than a friend and therefore turning your dreams into reality.


1. So what are the main points to learn in the Friends into Lovers program?

You will learn what the biggest single mistake is and how to avoid it due to the impact it has on your chances of them becoming your lover.

  • 5 different ways to turn yourself into someone that they find so attractive.
  • The way to approach that very first kiss.
  • How you can manage to express your actual feelings without using those words.
  • Two main signs that indicate that they do actually see you as more than a friend.
  • How to change your own opinion about yourself that turns you into hot property.
  • How to rectify any mistakes you have already made that has been stopping you becoming lovers.
  • Methods of building your own inner confidence to tell them how you really feel.
  • Advice on what you should not say when they do indeed become your lover.
  • Secret methods only available through the Friends into Lovers program that will have them chasing you instead.


2. So is the Friends into Lovers program the right one for you?

The answer to this question lies within yourself and whether or not you have ever had a friend, or currently have one, that you secretly long to be with and perhaps even love. If this is indeed the case then you will have thought long and hard about how to move it away from just being friends and this is exactly what happened to the creator behind the program, Eric Edgemont.


3. So who is the guy behind it?

Eric found himself in a situation where he was in a deep friendship with this girl who he wanted more from whilst in high school. He found it difficult when this girl, who only saw him as a good friend, was going out and dating various guys but from his experience he managed to create the Friends into Lovers program in order to help other people, although mainly guys, who found themselves in the exact same situation. If you want to hear more of his story then let him tell it himself before you learn how to become an expert at moving that relationship from being in the friend zone to something so much more.


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