Forex Income Map Review – Should You Buy Forex Income Map?


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by William B.


The Forex Income Map by Piet Swart is a detailed course that is primarily meant to educate people on foreign exchange trading. The map incorporates a trading manual that explains the relevant forex trading process in simple terms and language. This is meant to ensure that even the people who are new to forex trading and might not comprehend the complex terms typically used will be able to understand the simple terms in the manual. The map also incorporate trading DVDs which are meant to explain further to the users who might have difficulties in understanding the written manual. The essence of Piet Swart using both visual and written methods to pass the information on the manual is to ensure that all users get to comprehend even the minor details.

Amongst the topics covered by this particular income map include mechanical trading systems, Fibonacci, psychological aspect of trading and candle stick trading. These topics are some of the vital components that a forex trader must understand and learn to control so as to achieve their target. The map covers these topics comprehensively and in a simple manner that allows even inexperienced traders to understand them. But despite going through the particular topics, a trader must know how to apply them. This might take some time before the particular trader eventually understands how to apply them effectively.

According to Swart, his main motivation in creating the map is providing both new and experienced forex traders with the relevant guidelines, which will in turn enable them to excel in forex trading. This is because he has vast knowledge and experience on forex trading especially considering that he is a former teacher and farmer who lost almost everything, but then joined forex trading with the little money he had and proceeded to become successful. This makes him the ideal person to give advice to people who are struggling in forex trading or those who would like to make more profits. He says that he enjoys witnessing as people reap larger profits as a result of the advice he gives them. Hence, the Forex Income Map by Piet Swart is one of the ways that both experienced and inexperienced traders can utilize to improve their profits in forex trading provided they apply the guidelines appropriately.



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