Forex 50 Pips Review – Is Rita Lasker’s Forex 50 Pips a Scam?

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Forex 50 pips is one of the manual Forex strategies which deals the USD/EUR pair on the M15-timeframe and normally triggers two to three signals daily. This system is also acquainted with Rita Lasker products as she normally releases novel products after about every two months. She believes that the forex trends are not as important as various individuals believe. Rita believes in the micro trends and her system is based around this model “Acquiring 50 pips each day?” and on a normal lot a pip is equal to exactly ten dollars.


Maintaining trading risks using Forex 50 Pips

According to various forex trading professionals, about 76% of Forex traders in the market have deposited more than $1,000, approximately 52% of forex traders have less than five hundred dollars deposited and about seven out of ten Forex traders cannot afford to trade with lots which are more than 0.2 because the least market movement in the wrong course will impact their deposits negatively. Micro trends refers to the variations between ten to fifty pips.


Features of the Forex 50 Pips

i) The forex 50 pips strategy has quite clear and simple graphics and you require no prior experience to manage this strategy. With this strategy any one can earn a maximum of 50 pips every day.

ii) This whole complex system is available in one indicator.

iii) Installing this system takes a maximum of two minutes of minimum attention.

iv) To achieve a highly profitable trade with this system, you don’t need a fundamental & technical market analysis.

v) The opening trade instructions are very effortless and straight-forward to understand.

vi) This system has some easy-to-comprehend signals including emails, alerts, sounds and arrows.

vii) Normally, the micro-shifting technology sends various profitable
signals despite absence or presence of the trend.


What does making 50 pips daily using forex 50 pips means?

Getting fifty pips daily means earning exactly $500, but the crucial part is how do you acquire fifty pips? One of the most effective methods you can use to achieve your daily target is scalping. This strategy involves entering & exiting the market fast each time earning thirty to fifty pips.

Why is this package working perfectly currently?

Because of the dilemma with Eurozone, every day the EUR-USD pair is on a constant rollercoaster. The daily pair volatility amounts to between 100 to 200 pips. So if you make a mistake when determining the trend while entering an order in an incorrect direction, your deposit will be highly affected. In these situations it is crucial that you keep in tune with all the current events & also read the news while waiting for the exact time when the trend will start changing again or when a correction will be starting.


These powerful forex 50 pips points will make it possible for you to make profits daily. While receiving various quality signals each day, you will feel even more confident trading especially when during the hard times. While trading you must always remember that even when the European issues are being solved and then followed by the acceptable market settling, forex50pips works much better even under flat conditions as this is its major staple. Forex 50 Pips will be available from the 31st of May.


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