Ex Factor Guide Review – Does Ex Factor Guide Really Work?

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What Is Ex Factor Guide?






Brad Browning’s Ex Factor Guide tries to demonstrate methods for getting back with a girlfriend who has left the relationship.

When you precisely follow their instructions they say you’ll have about a 90 percent success rate, although they acknowledge there are going to be a few cases in which your ex just won’t come back to you.

The book really doesn’t explore much about why you want to get your ex back or if it serves your highest good to do so. It’s certainly natural to miss the relationship’s safety and comfort and have an overly emotional response when it’s suddenly gone.

Most people are naturally going to want to do anything to have that comfortable situation return, even if the the relationship’s serious issues are still there. Lots of men also have the issue that they’ll assume they will never find someone as good as the last one so they desperately try to save the relationship out of fear.

The program’s central point is that you can use jealousy as a good way to get your ex back. That’s the reason the no contact for 31 days rule is key, because it lets her begin to miss you and convinces her that you’re done with the relationship.

Without saying too much, you’ll be doing subtle things to communicate to her that you are having a good time and seeing other women. It advises to actually date others, but if that isn’t possible, you’re told to fake it. There are some questionable and somewhat lame strategies here that have to do with not telling the truth. In addition they could make you look terrible if the ex discovers that you’re just taking these actions to stir her jealousy. Having said that,these methods can certainly instill jealousy if she thinks they are true.

But we need to say that just using jealousy as a tool isn’t going to be a great way to attain a healthy relationship. It’s handy for recreating interest and letting her see what she could be missing, although it can’t miraculously fix all relationship issues.


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Moving Ahead

At one place in the book, Browning says that you win once you’ve had a sexual encounter with your ex. However, just having a sexual encounter with your ex doesn’t mean that you have the relationship back. Browning talks about this and advises in a way that still means making her jealous about other women, so that she is the first one to talk about getting back together.

However, it completely neglects to say that you need to meet and talk about the issues that stood between you so you can join forces again. One can’t advise each specific situation, although it would have been good to show how some of them might have been handled. Or else the exact same issues are bound to pop up again should you two get back together.


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To summarize, we can say that this is a book best for both men and women who have had a very recent relationship fail. Its focus is on ensuring that you don’t have an overly emotional reaction that makes the situation worse and drives her away even further.
It teaches you to take actions aimed at creating jealousy in your ex so that she wants to see you again. But you’re just supposed to want to get her into bed, figuring everything else will follow. It doesn’t teach you ways to talk about the issues that came up in the relationship so that your future together is a solid one.

It can be helpful if you can determine good from bad advice and also if your own specific case and the reasons your ex left are relevant to the scenarios in the book.

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