Everstryke Match Review – Should You Get Everstryke Match From SurvivalLife?

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Note: This is an Everstryke Match review. If you are looking for the Everstryke Match official website or checking for a special discount, then CLICK HERE.

The EverStryke match was created to solve the most common problem people have when trying to light a fire—not having a working lighter or reliable matches. The EverStryke match contains a ferro rod and wick in one all-inclusive fire starting kit that is small enough to fit in a pocket, purse, but-out bag, kitchen drawer, or on a keychain. The ferro rod included strikes at over 3000 degrees and the flame it produces burns at over 600 degree Fahrenheit. Unlike traditional lighters that can run dry in a matter of weeks or months, the EverStryke has a built-in o-ring that keeps fuel from ever evaporating. The EverStryke will light in any condition, is easy to use, and is capable of 15,000 long-burning strikes. For a limited time, Joe Marshall is giving away 9,700 free EverStryke matches absolutely free, which typically retail at $15 each, along with a free book and class from SurvivalLife.com. Customers only have to pay shipping and handling to receive their free introductory gift.

“Joe Marshall is so committed to helping people and families get prepared for impending emergencies and disasters that he’s using the EverStryke Match as a welcome gift for getting familiar with Survival Life and the Family Protection Association,” said Michaels. “He wants to make sure that cost isn’t an issue when it comes to families getting prepared and gaining the knowledge they’ll need to see themselves through a disaster.”

“The great thing about this offer is that there’s really no strings attached. Joe is confident that everyone who orders their free EverStryke match will find value in his free book and class too. But there’s absolutely no commitment involved, so people really only have something to gain by taking advantage of this offer.”


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