Emotional Hook Formula Review – Brutal Tactics To Trigger Love In Men

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The Emotional Hook Formula by Aaron Fox also known as the Drama Method, is a complete program that shows you, smart and easy techniques you need to know about seducing and attracting any man and how to trigger their Unconditional Love, Affection, and desires in him, using drama in a specialized way to drive him crazy with love for you, instead of driving him away.  By using these techniques, you are going to develop a unique habit to make any man experience intense love when he’s around and get him interested for as long as you want him to.

It is ultimately about getting the love, attention and admiration from that one special man you’ve always wanted.

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If you truly want to attract and keep the man of your dreams hopelessly in love with you and only have eyes for you for a lifetime, than these 14 “hypnotic suggestions” may be the most important bits of wisdom you will ever read. You are about to get a special insider look at the Emotional Hook Formula by Elaine Chase. The “Hypnotic Suggestions” Elaine discovered are “Hot Words” that trigger the pleasure centers of a man’s mind and will attract him to those women who knows how to use them effectively.

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Elaine Chase is a 49 year old mother of 2 who has been divorced and devastated by her ex-husband. After years of interviewing the world’s top relationship experts, she finally put together 14 hypnotic suggestions and methods that any woman can use on any man to make him fall in love desperately with her and be connected like a magnet.

All 14 of the Emotional Hook Formula sure fire secrets are the cornerstone of the programs huge success. Here is a brief preview of each one.

1. The Attraction Loop Suggestion – If you are attracted to him but feel he is not as attracted to you, the attraction loop suggestion is what you need to completely “turn the tables” and have him chase you and try to win your affection.

2. The Rapid Commitment Suggestion – Been with a man long enough that you feel he should be more committed to you and your relationship? The rapid commitment suggestion will make him desperately want to go “all in” on you and never look back.

3. The Rejection Flip Flop Suggestion– When you have been rejected and feel like you have seen the last of him, the rejection flip flop suggestion will have him beating your door down trying to get you back.

4. The Attraction Lock-in Suggestion – If you feel your marriage has hit rock bottom and there is nothing left but divorce, the attraction lock-in suggestion is so powerful that he won’t be able to see himself with anyone else but you and will lead the charge in restoring your marriage.

5. Sizzling Desire Suggestion – If you have never felt desired and loved by any man before, hold on because the sizzling desire suggestion will have men vying for your attention and wanting you with passionate desire.

6. Obsession Booster Suggestion – If you truly desire your man to be totally obsessed with you, the obsession booster suggestion will have him thinking of nothing else but you. Not for those who want lots of alone time.

7. Magnetic Bonding Suggestion – If you fear your man has an eye for other women and you could lose him. The magnetic bonding suggestion is designed to have him stick to you like glue. You will truly be the “apple of his eye” from now on.

8. Emotional Bankruptcy Suggestion – If you want him to be emotionally attached to you and only you, the emotional bankruptcy suggestion draws him to you and he will become forever emotionally attached to only you.

9. End Cherish Suggestion – Cherish is a pretty strong word, but the end cherish suggestion teaches you how to have your man cherish every moment you share together.

10. Emotional Gravity Suggestion – If you want to pull him into all parts of your life, the emotional gravity suggestion will continue spend all his emotional energy on you and your relationship together.

11. Internal Radar Suggestion – reading his heart and mind can be tough at times, but the internal radar suggestion will give you the ability to sense what you need to do to make him want to love you.

12. Emotional Baking Suggestion – If your man starts to be hot and cold, the emotional baking suggestion is designed to take him to the emotional boiling point and keep him there.

13. Love Bubbling Suggestion – Most men are not outwardly affectionate publicly. The love bubbling suggestion will have him bubbling over with love for you no matter where you are or who else is around.

14. Break Up Blaster Suggestion – if he left you for another woman, the break up blaster suggestion will have him dropping her like a “Hot Potato”.

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