eCash Opinions Review – Is eCash Opinions a Scam?

by Antton S.



Companies and big corporations usually grow constantly. The growth of big companies and corporations that sell products like clothes, shoes and even meals greatly rely on surveys. Before the companies come up with new clothes, shoes or new meals, they will request companies dealing with market research to carry out surveys pertaining to the needs of the bigger customers. To gather such information, they request companies dealing with market research to carry out surveys on those customers. The best thing about these surveys is that big money will always be paid by the corporations for any opinion that one gives. The surveys are mostly multiple choice questions. The corporations carrying out the surveys are then paid for conducting the surveys. Payment is based on every opinion that one gives.

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There is no fixed amount that an individual can earn. Each person earns any amounts he/she wants. Earnings depend mostly on the type of survey. A survey worth $5 may take 5-10 minutes and a person can complete even up to 15 surveys per day. Short surveys that may take a durations of 20 minutes may reward about $50. It remains one of the best online survey sites for making much money. The average earning that accrues to a person may range from $5 to $75. The duration and the type of surveys determine this. Every survey is often very short but the longer ones may take a bit of time.

The whole membership site looks nice as there is no need of spending more than two hours making $50 or more. It enables the participants to earn sizable amounts of money within a very short time. This is unique since it is not very easy to find an income generating activity that can reward with such amounts of cash. It is very flexible in time as well. Participants have the option to switch to well-paying and fast surveys while ignoring those that take a lot of time and that are low paying. Once a person has signed up to eCash Opinions, he will not need to sign up again to each market research company again.

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