Dark Horse Selections Review – Does Dark Horse Selections Really Work?

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Note: This is Dark Horse Selections review. If you are looking for the Dark Horse Selections official website or checking for a special discount, then CLICK HERE.

What is Dark Horse Selections All About?

Dark Horse Selections is a horse selections tipster service that has generated a proven track record over the past couple of years. In the past 6 months,  it has generated a total £11,950 of profit in 6 months, utilising just 1-3 bets per day.

This system bets using the industry standard price (ISP), and is capable of producing impressive returns using the ISP, despite the fact that these prices are usually slightly worse than a betting exchange on Betfair.

This is why we were particularly impressed with the Dark Horse Selections System. In order to start using this system, one will need to have a small starting betting bank to place the stakes with. The results as shown on the mai website have also been proven to be legit.

Profiting from this system is all about finding the value bets, i.e. placing bets that have odds better than their actual probabilities of winning. It includes looking at various factors, such as form, ground, the actual odds, and several other key factors. Because it produces only a small number of specific selections per day, there is no need to spend a lot of time to generate the profits that it has historically generated.

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What Do You Need to Follow Dark Horse Selections?

A 100-point minimum betting bank is recommended if you choose to follow this system. The total time required per day is about 5-10 minutes, and you will also need a bookmaker account and obviously, the ability to place bets through the internet. Selections are provided each day and so far have been bets at varying odds.

My final words- don’t think too much!

Any service that can generate a profit to ISP is doing very well. But, I will make a point of coming back again to this service again in the future to see how it’s progressing. If the service can keep up the very high strike rate that we are seeing with this, then this could definitely be one to have in your portfolio. Although some months have made a loss, the service has generated a good amount of points profit over the four month proofing period and should definitely be considered seriously.


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