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by Antton S.


Coupon Mage Features

No technical expertise needed – To use Coupon Mage there is neither the need for any coding nor technical skills. Unlike other softwares available in the market, Coupon Mage does not involve any complex coding and can be operated very easily by a common man.

Unlimited services – The biggest advantage of this software is that it comes with no subscription. I can now churn out unlimited coupons for different products on n- number of websites.

Use any payment processing services – The product allows you to access any payment processing services. Experience all the benefits without having to dump your existing services.

Cross platform independent – As discussed earlier, the software can be used on any website such as Joomla, WordPress, Plugins, Vbulletin forums etc.

Create custom messages – There is also a feature included in the software that can help one create custom messages. For instance, when exactly the code has to be entered into the system and so on.

Easy to use interface – The point and click control panel allows multiple features like modify, update and configure active coupons for promotional purposes. The control panel also allows generating expiring coupons. It also turns individual coupons on or off. From a single location the coupons can be managed. With the help of this software, the coupons can be managed from a single location only. A consumer does not have to log on to different websites to access the coupons and manage the marketing campaigns anymore.


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