Connor Alerts Review – Do Connor Alerts Really Work?

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Note: This is Connor Alerts review. If you are looking for the Connor Alerts official website or checking for a special discount, then CLICK HERE.

Who is Connor Breggemann of Connor Alerts and Can You Trust Him?

You may have seen Connor featured on financial cable TV channels like Fox Business, TheVerge and Bloomberg. On these channels, he explains that he had already been trading while he was still in school, which explains why he has so much experience in trading. He has since perfected his strategy and is now willing to coach his own students how to make money with it. In his membership, you will also learn how he lost around his maximum drawdown of $40k, and the crucial lessons we all must learn to never repeat that mistake.

Review of Connor Alerts and Connor Pro

Connor provides 2 types of memberships. The first type is the Connor Pro membership, which grants access to a daily watchlist, full chatroom access, email alerts and real-time SMS updates. There is also a video lessons library, a platform to ask Connor questions that happens weekly, his personal penny stock bible and instant trade alerts via ProfiDing.

Connor Alerts on the other hand includes everything already discussed except the platform where you can ask questions, and the Penny Stock Bible. I guess this is reasonable, since I don’t think Connor has that much time to reply so many members, hence can only personally help those in Connor Pro.

Prices of Connor Alerts and Connor Pro

Connor Pro is priced at $247 per month while Connor Alerts goes for $147 per month.


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