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You may have already heard about the wonders of this new system and what it has been able to do for affiliate marketers and those involved in online marketing. And you may have even wondered what it is exactly and how it works. This article sets out to answer your key questions on what exactly the Commission Cash Code is and what it does.


What Exactly is Commission Cash Code?


In essence this is an application that is web based and is designed to help affiliate marketers cash in on the popularity of Facebook to attract traffic to their sites and also dramatically improve sign ins and even conversions. The code has been available for about 8 months now during which hundreds of affiliate marketers have used it with great success.


Who Created the Commission Cash Code?


Ronnie M is a name associated with Commission Cash Code and actually it is the name of its creator. Ronnie M is a star affiliate and renowned online marketing guru. He is already very well know for his affiliate marketing skills most notably his ability to quickly attract highly relevant prospects to a landing page of interest to them.


He worked with a former Google engineer and the way it works is that you will have to start by creating a cash code. This is an affiliate offer of some kind that you will need to drive traffic to. What is different about this application that makes it easily stand out when you compare it to other traffic generation tools is the fact that opt-ins and conversions will need to use their Facebook info. What this means is that follow up messages to your list will be able to take advantage of Facebook features and applications which completely changes the ball game and makes commission cash code a very potent web based marketing tool indeed.


What are the Upsells in Commission Cash Code?


There are several upsells to this program. The first offers unlimited commission cash codes. The offer is for a limited time only. Those who take advantage of it will also receive some special software that will assist them in getting their sites to be ranked highly on the popular Google search engine. When a site is ranked highly it also means much more traffic directly from search engines.


The second up sell is an offer of 50 niche websites. These are not ordinary niches but little known gems that many super affiliates are not even aware of but have such high potential that they are capable of generating millions of dollars for any online entrepreneur. Those who sign up for these will also qualify for 50 sites specially designed for mobile gadgets like iphones and ipads as well as a wide range of other mobile devices.


The Viral Video Velocity is the third up sell. This will allow any user to record or upload videos online. The bonus that comes with this one is the V-mail web application. As the name suggests this is video email which will naturally increase your conversions dramatically because you will be able to go above the usual email into being able to easily send video images to your prospects. Commission Cash Code will be available for download on the 11th of June.


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