Combat Bundle Review – Is It Worth It?


Reviewed Product:  Combat Bundle

Price:                          $39

Creator:                      Funk Roberts and Todd Kuslikis

Bonuses:                    Yes

Refund Period:         60 Days



A new Combat Bundle, released by owners Todd Kuslikis and Funk Roberts, claims to be a program that contains 72 total health and fitness programs that is being sold for the price of 1. The entire package covers the workout principles across a wide range of disciplines in the fitness world, such as muscle toning, getting lean, burning fat and building strength for practical functional reasons for daily life.The goal behind Combat Bundle is to offer workout principles that work across a wide variety of disciplines that include getting lean, burning fat, muscle toning and in general being fit for daily life. If that was true, this would be the highest value educational package in the fitness world I have seen, hence I decided that I had to check this out myself.

After looking through all the past fitness bundle promotions that have been done, we have found that this Combat Bundle really does live up to its name as being the largest one ever amongst all the others in the health market so far. This certainly is not the first combat bundle ever released, but it definitely appears to have put all the previous ones to shame based on its value for money. All that hype on its sales page is definitely warranted now that we have seen everything inside the Combat Bundle.

Because of the large amount of content in the Combat Bundle, the buyers for this package have been from several large groups. With a total of 72 fitness packs, many people from many different areas of interest in sports including the workout, fitness, combat and nutrition markets have snapped up this bundle. The good thing we have found is that even with so much information, it does not cause information overload because the workouts and routines can be easily customised for people from all levels of experience. Professional fighters are able to find routines for getting into great shape, while the standard routines are designed for the common person who typically has a day time job. Since there is a large amount of content on the package, it fits the needs of fitness enthusiasts who are looking for different programs that cater to specific areas. All of the programs have been neatly organized into various topics such as nutrition, women, self-defense, combat conditioning, fitness programs, mobility and flexibility, resources for coaches and trainers and combat skill training.


What’s inside Combat Bundle?

For the professional fighters who are getting this package, they can expect to get daily workout routines for getting into the best body shape. However, they should be mindful that they will need to commit more time than a full-time job worker. The word “combat” has also caused many people to be confused about this bundle and wondering whether or not they can use it if they are not professional fighters. The word “combat” was used mainly to describe the final outcome that users of the program can achieve, which is to become combat-fit and coincidentally become very lean, which is what fighters look like. Hence, anyone could use the programs in this bundle to reach combat-fit status, the only difference being that the less fit will require more time than those who are already exercising on a regular basis.

After going through all the training programs in this bundle, readers will have a feeling of being able to achieve better versions of themselves. We have gone through all of the programs included in this bundle and have watched the training videos. The only thing required is for people to invest some time to become fit.

Is Combat Bundle for Real?

Both Funk Roberts and Todd Kuslikis have tons of experience in athletic training and decided to work together to create this package so they can help both non-combat and combat fit athletes all around the world. Funk Roberts is a very well known MMA trainer and fitness expert. He has trained dozens of athletes to become combat fit over the years. He is also an ex-MMA fighter, a kettle bell specialist and weight loss expert. Todd is a bestselling author, trainer and a well-known fitness expert. Many people know him from the hit NBC show, The Biggest Loser. He is also the owner of the popular fitness website, Shot of Adrenaline that offers free fitness advice to people. Todd used to be skinny in his teens but he eventually discovered various techniques to build strength and muscle. Todd also created a similar bundle in 2013 and that bundle was named Bodyweight Bundle.


  • High value for money
  • Put together by true experts
  • Covers wide areas in the fitness niche
  • Suitable for everyone


  • Requires daily time and work commitment


Overall, the combat bundle includes everything needed to become combat fit. The only thing needed is time and the will to perform the exercises explained in the various programs inside the bundle. Thousands have tried it and have reported great results too. Given that it also comes with a 60 Day money back guarantee, we see it as a completely risk-free product and anyone who wishes to improve their body condition will be able to benefit from it.

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