Betting Gods Review – Betting Tips From Real Professional Tipsters

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The 2016 Betting Gods is a professional betting tipsters site that delivers professional tips directly to each members’ email. Betting Gods Ltd has permanent trackside advertising at five racecourses, sponsors several races throughout the year, feature in industry publications and conferences all over the world, and has many glowing reviews across the internet as well.

At the time of writing, their membership base exceeds 26,000 users with a portfolio of 13 professional tipster services, a full-time Managing Director (myself), a full-time Marketing Manager and two part-time support staff, plus a team of writers managing the blog content.

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There has of course been ups and down on their path to where there are now. Starting up in business was daunting for them in past, in particular in finding tipsters to put their trust in the site owners’ ability to recruit members for them, and competently manage all aspects of customer service and results management.

Over time as brand awareness builds, and positive reviews came in for those tipsters, people realised that Betting Gods breaks the mould of most tipster platforms and cares about both the member and the tipster. All tipsters undergo an extensive proofing process before launch, managed by Julie, who is the Betting Gods Proofing Manager. Julie’s role is to follow closely the tipsters selections for at least 12 weeks, ensuring consistency, profitability and timeliness of their tips.

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The owners  have never launched a tipster to the Betting Gods site for the sake of it, as tipsters are only launched if they are providing a service that they themselves would be confident and happy to put their own money on. Essentially, they analyse each tipster, looking for a decent return on investment, manageable strike rate, and demonstrable knowledge. It is a similar process as soon as a tipster goes live.

Nathaniel, their Results Manager is responsible for ensuring that tipsters provide realistic and achievable odds on all of their selections, plus his role involves applying rule 4 deductions to their results and ensuring that the tipsters’ pages reflect up to date stats in terms of ROI, strike rate, losing runs, and winning runs. Nathaniel also monitors to ensure ongoing consistency in a tipster’s performance. For example, if a tipster has been on a losing for an extended period, they have been known to withdraw that tipster from sale as they only want to be offering the absolute best services for all members.

Are Betting Gods’ Tipsters Really Reliable?

As they do with proofing, if they’re not confident to put their own money on a tipster, they do not expect members’ money to go on it either.  Of course, as with any kind of sports betting,. the owners of Betting Gods explain that sports betting to being like investing. To be successful at betting, and making a consistent profit, one needs to have a long-term view. Sure anyone can have good days, and yes they can have bad days, but  a quick check at any Betting Gods tipster over a period of 3 months or more has shown that members always make money over this 3-month period of time.

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*Disclaimer: The sites does not guarantee results with his strategies.


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