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Are you looking for more information about the betting software created by professional sports bettor James Croft, called Beat The Competition? After joining this, I have found that it is not just a tipster site, but James shares all the tricks, tips, techniques and his own experience as a sports bettor that he has accumulated over the years.

How Does Beat The Competition Help You?

As James has pointed out in his membership course, picking the right horse is the number 1 crucial factor that determines your success with race betting, although that is easier said than done if you can’t do it well. But through sheer practice and using his strategies on the racing markets, he has found a way to make a full-time income from horse race betting and is now willing to show members like us how to do that too. Through his program, I have found my accuracy in picking winning horses skyrocket, and I am now much more confident in my bets than I was before joining Beat The Competition.

What Are Some Features Of Beat The Competition?

One aspect I really liked about this membership is that James is very detailed in his analysis, and by reading the materials he provides, I am able to become more skilled at picking horses myself. The software analyses the entire field in very detailed fashion, allowing me to literally “beat the competition” more than 80% of the time. But it is important to note that while this strategy wins a lot, it does lose occasionally and one should follow James’ techniques for managing these losses when they occur.

Is Beat The Competition The Right Racing Membership To Join?

If you are not just interested in picking up your win rate, but also increasing your knowledge or horse race betting, I would definitely recommend Beat The Competition to you. Besides experiencing a higher percentage of winners, you will also become more independent and knowledgeable about the races, such that you may one day even be able to be independent of the software and still make a lot of money through horse racing.


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