App Dev Empire Reviews – Does App Dev Empire Really Work?

by Antton S.


With App Dev Empire, members will have a course that has comes in 12 parts which will act as guide for them towards developing the best of apps for the Android platform in the easiest of ways. It is said that the course comes in handy for people who want to develop functional as well as effective games. The first lesson will help brush up the programming skills and even amateur programmers would be able to reap benefit from it. This is made possible through the downloading of an environment to be used during the app’s development process onto a PC or laptop. Here, they will be able to find tools that will come in handy in helping them navigate through the whole process with ease. Even better, they will also be able to access videos that will make them better understand the whole concept of the App Dev Empire course.

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Next will be the creation of an interface on which you will be able to program and develop the game. On this interface you will be able to come up with a game referred to as Scroll Shooter from which you will be able to get an idea of how the entire game design and development process goes about. This feature in App Dev Empire is very helpful since it helps the user to get a practical example of what he is going to do. Connection of actions as well as the scrolling of the background together with the addition of various features can be learnt at this stage. This is extremely beneficial in helping a person to understand the basic facts of the game.

The next lesson deals with the other important part of the particular course. It will guide a person through the ways to get more downloads for their apps. This is where they get to create the main character of the game whose actions will be determined by way they want him to behave all through the game depending on the various obstacles as within the game including the controls as programmed. This apart, one can add animations on this level to make the game more interesting for the users.


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