Secret Paleo Review – Is Secret Paleo Scam?

by Patricia R.


Details of Secret Paleo Diet

Recommended foods: Vegetables, Fruits, Seafood, Lean Meats, Healthy Fats, Seeds and Nuts.

Bad: dairies, processed sugar, processed food, grains, starches, alcohol and legumes.

The distinction above is made to help you on deciding the food products that you are going to eat and the food products that you should try to avoid. In the next paragraphs, you will see what the advantages of the recommended ingredients are.

Benefits for Diabetes Patients

Individuals who suffer from type 2 diabetes are usually the adepts of the Mediterranean diet, which can use legumes, olive oil, vegetables, unrefined cereals and fruits. Though Mediterranean diet is good but when compared to Paleo diet, Paleo is better. The reason is that Paleo avoids the use of dairy products and grains, which interfere with the metabolism of fat and carbohydrates.

Legumes have high lectin content, which can be the reason for gut irritation. In the majority of dairy ingredients, there are high lactose levels and many individuals can have a bad reaction to them. That’s why people suffering from type 2 diabetes should follow the Secret Paleo diet, rather than the Mediterranean diet.

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The presence of different types of bacteria, viruses and parasites is detected by the autoimmune system, which is a defensive means for the body. Situations could exist in which the body is seen by the immune system as something foreign and is attacked and these constitute what is called autoimmunity. It is similar to a case of an organ transplant, in which the body must first integrate the organ as its own. That’s the reason so many tests are carried out to find out whether the new organ will be accepted by the body or not, otherwise body autoimmune system of the body will attack and damage the transplanted organ.

In general cases where there is no organ transplant involved, large particles of proteins get attached to the intestinal lining and activate the autoimmunity function in your body. However, when the Secret Paleo Diet is used, this cannot happen and the general health and body metabolism are enhanced. By following a Paleo diet, people can even fight terminal diseases. In cases of cancer, a cure can’t be achieved but lifespan of the patient can be increased and reduction in deterioration is guaranteed.


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Family Survival Course Review – What is Family Survival Course?


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by Robert D.


Though there is a lot of literature available about emergency management, Family Survival Course is a comprehensive book in this regard as compared to others, which one must preserve for guidance. The main concept in this eBook, which makes it different from others, is developing a mindset to be prepared for any emergency condition as no amount of food and weapon in the universe can save you in emergency if you are not mentally prepared for it. The writer has discussed the whole course on the basis of his personal experiences.

Apart from various benefits, Family Survival Course has certain loopholes as under:

Matter in the section ‘Bugging Out’ is not discussed extensively to provide detailed knowledge in this respect. In our opinion, the writer should have added more helpful information in this section which can help the readers to be prepared for any emergency condition. Some extra efforts to make your family prepared will be required for any emergency if you teach them on behalf of this eBook.

But even after these loopholes, it is worthwhile to stay with the concepts discussed in Family Survival Course, especially for the families, to be prepared for any worst situation and handle the whole scenario effectively.

Overall, the benefits of Family Survival Course are much effective than its drawbacks so anyone can easily benefit from owning this eBook based on the useful and worthwhile inside strategies provided.


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Easy Paycheck Formula 2 Review – Is Easy Paycheck Formula 2 a Scam?

by Antton S.



This course was made to specifically target online marketers who are just starting online marketing business and those people who have skills of internet marketing but they don’t know how to start. This course also targets those individuals who are currently making some few bucks but would like to make more money by trying out a more systemized way of making steady monthly income. Members are taught about the techniques to make an effective online campaign to increase sales efficiently and to earn online money in a cost effective manner in Easy Paycheck Formula 2. Some short educational videos are used by the author to illustrate the deep process of creating an active and traffic oriented campaign to her clients.

The videos used by Sara Young are easy to understand due to its well written easily readable script and can be used as reference at different spots in any online campaign. The detailed information provided in this program makes it easy to learn its workings. Members of Easy Paycheck Formula 2 are broadly taught about the techniques of writing good articles, back linking techniques, strategies and tips on keyword research, outsourcing your articles, submission of mass articles through different article submission programs, etc.

In fact, it is the best way to learn the basics of making money online for those interested. So one should start reading this program if he or she is ready to make money online, or had already started their online business as they cannot afford to avoid this golden opportunity. According to its author, it is more practical to own your online business than applying for a job as you can be jobless any time if you work for a company but you can get a continuous and assured daily, weekly or monthly income if you own an online venture.


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