PipJet Reviews – Is PipJet Scam?

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by William B.

The team of FOREX MEGADROID created the PipJet. The team is among the prime FX trading niche authorities around. This is not just our claim, but is proven by more than 3 years of experience in the market as well as more than 44.000 happy customers. Forex Megadroid, our first robot, was on top of the market when it was launched in March 2009 and is still the markets top performing robot after more than 3 years of existence. Any affiliate and/or trader knows fully-well that you cannot remain on top and be next to none in the niche of automated FX trading 3 years after launch if you have a so-so product.


1. What is Pipjet all about and Since When Has it Been in Live Trade?

For more than 2 years. PipJet is an EA which is erstwhile in development. 5 (FIVE!) real-money and live account statements back it up and is probably among the best-performing robots in the marketplace. Not like any other robot the goodness of PipJet’s performance proof shows that it has been losing very few trades and has an extremely low drawdown after nearly TWO years of trading. (Take a peek at the account statements and you will be gladly surprised)


2. What Differentiates PipJet in Contrast to other Market Expert Advisors?

This is exactly what sets a BRAND apart from a clandestine operation. Worthless niche products pumped into the system are a usual sight for us. This come with fancy marketing as well as sales letters that come with excessive hype that do not bring any product value with it. Since we ARE traders, we have constantly been serious with our trading, which has constantly been shown in all things that we carry out from the onset to the end of the line. For your information, our Forex Megadroid clients have benefited 13 robot updates since it was launched.


3. Instead of Directing Your Attention on How You Trade, Focus Instead on What You Should Trade with PipJet

It is now always a question of “how” or methodology, it’s “WHAT you put on the table and trade. We mean it when we say “everything will be turned around by this expert advisor!” You’ve plainly been at the wrong venue looking for solutions, when the solution was just in front of your eyes. We all know that two currencies never have the same or similar behavior. But EVERYONE has overlooked the activity of this particular currency pair at a certain point of the day. You’ll be astounded, once you realize the development and deepness of the profit potential herein. You’ll surely have that “AHA!” moment and wonder why you didn’t see this in the first place.

Do you have an idea about price channels? Simply put, this refers to the sideways movement of the currency pair with a particular range. Price channels refer to some technical information which is VERY lucrative or profitable: this is a conventional trading axiom. Nonetheless, the discovery herein puts price channels in a whole new echelon or plateau (specific pair price channels to be exact!). “Hidden” data was discovered by the team of Forex Megadroid, and the moment you take a look at it, you will come to realize why it is an occasion to make profit on this currency pair AND its side-way ranges that are very predictable in SINGLE DAY YOU TRADE!


PipJet will be available from the 26th of June.


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Commission Cash Code | Commission Cash Code Review

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You may have already heard about the wonders of this new system and what it has been able to do for affiliate marketers and those involved in online marketing. And you may have even wondered what it is exactly and how it works. This article sets out to answer your key questions on what exactly the Commission Cash Code is and what it does.


What Exactly is Commission Cash Code?


In essence this is an application that is web based and is designed to help affiliate marketers cash in on the popularity of Facebook to attract traffic to their sites and also dramatically improve sign ins and even conversions. The code has been available for about 8 months now during which hundreds of affiliate marketers have used it with great success.


Who Created the Commission Cash Code?


Ronnie M is a name associated with Commission Cash Code and actually it is the name of its creator. Ronnie M is a star affiliate and renowned online marketing guru. He is already very well know for his affiliate marketing skills most notably his ability to quickly attract highly relevant prospects to a landing page of interest to them.


He worked with a former Google engineer and the way it works is that you will have to start by creating a cash code. This is an affiliate offer of some kind that you will need to drive traffic to. What is different about this application that makes it easily stand out when you compare it to other traffic generation tools is the fact that opt-ins and conversions will need to use their Facebook info. What this means is that follow up messages to your list will be able to take advantage of Facebook features and applications which completely changes the ball game and makes commission cash code a very potent web based marketing tool indeed.


What are the Upsells in Commission Cash Code?


There are several upsells to this program. The first offers unlimited commission cash codes. The offer is for a limited time only. Those who take advantage of it will also receive some special software that will assist them in getting their sites to be ranked highly on the popular Google search engine. When a site is ranked highly it also means much more traffic directly from search engines.


The second up sell is an offer of 50 niche websites. These are not ordinary niches but little known gems that many super affiliates are not even aware of but have such high potential that they are capable of generating millions of dollars for any online entrepreneur. Those who sign up for these will also qualify for 50 sites specially designed for mobile gadgets like iphones and ipads as well as a wide range of other mobile devices.


The Viral Video Velocity is the third up sell. This will allow any user to record or upload videos online. The bonus that comes with this one is the V-mail web application. As the name suggests this is video email which will naturally increase your conversions dramatically because you will be able to go above the usual email into being able to easily send video images to your prospects. Commission Cash Code will be available for download on the 11th of June.


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Friends into Lovers Review – How Does Eric Edgemont’s Friends into Lovers Work?

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A number of people, at some point, will have someone of the opposite sex who they see as a friend but actually desire them to evolve into their lover. This person may even be someone who you have had some kind of secret crush on for a number of years and it has been eating away at you all that time.


Well this is very common and perhaps the part that is the hardest is the fear you have of telling them and then wondering if even the friendship itself will survive or not. However help is at hand in the form of the Friends into Lovers program which is designed to help you turn that friend into the lover you dream of. The aim of the book? To assist you in getting rid of those obstacles in the way of them becoming more than a friend and therefore turning your dreams into reality.


1. So what are the main points to learn in the Friends into Lovers program?

You will learn what the biggest single mistake is and how to avoid it due to the impact it has on your chances of them becoming your lover.

  • 5 different ways to turn yourself into someone that they find so attractive.
  • The way to approach that very first kiss.
  • How you can manage to express your actual feelings without using those words.
  • Two main signs that indicate that they do actually see you as more than a friend.
  • How to change your own opinion about yourself that turns you into hot property.
  • How to rectify any mistakes you have already made that has been stopping you becoming lovers.
  • Methods of building your own inner confidence to tell them how you really feel.
  • Advice on what you should not say when they do indeed become your lover.
  • Secret methods only available through the Friends into Lovers program that will have them chasing you instead.


2. So is the Friends into Lovers program the right one for you?

The answer to this question lies within yourself and whether or not you have ever had a friend, or currently have one, that you secretly long to be with and perhaps even love. If this is indeed the case then you will have thought long and hard about how to move it away from just being friends and this is exactly what happened to the creator behind the program, Eric Edgemont.


3. So who is the guy behind it?

Eric found himself in a situation where he was in a deep friendship with this girl who he wanted more from whilst in high school. He found it difficult when this girl, who only saw him as a good friend, was going out and dating various guys but from his experience he managed to create the Friends into Lovers program in order to help other people, although mainly guys, who found themselves in the exact same situation. If you want to hear more of his story then let him tell it himself before you learn how to become an expert at moving that relationship from being in the friend zone to something so much more.


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Forex 50 Pips Review – Is Rita Lasker’s Forex 50 Pips a Scam?

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Forex 50 pips is one of the manual Forex strategies which deals the USD/EUR pair on the M15-timeframe and normally triggers two to three signals daily. This system is also acquainted with Rita Lasker products as she normally releases novel products after about every two months. She believes that the forex trends are not as important as various individuals believe. Rita believes in the micro trends and her system is based around this model “Acquiring 50 pips each day?” and on a normal lot a pip is equal to exactly ten dollars.


Maintaining trading risks using Forex 50 Pips

According to various forex trading professionals, about 76% of Forex traders in the market have deposited more than $1,000, approximately 52% of forex traders have less than five hundred dollars deposited and about seven out of ten Forex traders cannot afford to trade with lots which are more than 0.2 because the least market movement in the wrong course will impact their deposits negatively. Micro trends refers to the variations between ten to fifty pips.


Features of the Forex 50 Pips

i) The forex 50 pips strategy has quite clear and simple graphics and you require no prior experience to manage this strategy. With this strategy any one can earn a maximum of 50 pips every day.

ii) This whole complex system is available in one indicator.

iii) Installing this system takes a maximum of two minutes of minimum attention.

iv) To achieve a highly profitable trade with this system, you don’t need a fundamental & technical market analysis.

v) The opening trade instructions are very effortless and straight-forward to understand.

vi) This system has some easy-to-comprehend signals including emails, alerts, sounds and arrows.

vii) Normally, the micro-shifting technology sends various profitable
signals despite absence or presence of the trend.


What does making 50 pips daily using forex 50 pips means?

Getting fifty pips daily means earning exactly $500, but the crucial part is how do you acquire fifty pips? One of the most effective methods you can use to achieve your daily target is scalping. This strategy involves entering & exiting the market fast each time earning thirty to fifty pips.

Why is this package working perfectly currently?

Because of the dilemma with Eurozone, every day the EUR-USD pair is on a constant rollercoaster. The daily pair volatility amounts to between 100 to 200 pips. So if you make a mistake when determining the trend while entering an order in an incorrect direction, your deposit will be highly affected. In these situations it is crucial that you keep in tune with all the current events & also read the news while waiting for the exact time when the trend will start changing again or when a correction will be starting.


These powerful forex 50 pips points will make it possible for you to make profits daily. While receiving various quality signals each day, you will feel even more confident trading especially when during the hard times. While trading you must always remember that even when the European issues are being solved and then followed by the acceptable market settling, forex50pips works much better even under flat conditions as this is its major staple. Forex 50 Pips will be available from the 31st of May.


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Income Entourage 2 Review – Is Travis Stephenson’s Income Entourage 2.0 Program a Scam?

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Are you looking for more information about Travis Stephenson and Jamie Lewis’s Income Entourage 2.0 program, or is this simply another overhyped scam from the Internet marketing space that you should ignore? The original version of this software was primarily designed to build squeeze pages, also known as capture pages.



This newer and updated version does much more than that and has been updated with all the recent changes to the way Google works. After going through this course, you will learn the significant importance of having your own squeeze pages and driving consistent traffic to them.


1. How Much Income Can A User of Income Entourage 2.0 Expect to Make?


If you have already read through the offer page, you have probably already seen Travis talking about how there is no guarantee that one will make money once he or she has signed up for this program. It really depends on how much you put these techniques into practice, and thankfully most of my income streams are working exactly as what Jamie and Travis have described. In order to achieve the type of paydays that both the coaches are getting, it is necessary to duplicate the systems across various niches to really leverage the power of the methods.


2. What Are Some of the Techniques Taught in the Income Entourage 2.0 System?


Some of the methods taught inside may actually quite simple, and are mainly around the concept of niche marketing and list building. From the first steps of niche finding to reaching the end goal of creating a passive income stream from the niches. The most important skill I have learned from the coaches so far is how to get my sites in front of the audience, whether it is by written text or videos. For most of the products, I would then make a commission out of every sale that I drive immediately, while others pay me for every signup that I refer.


3. What Are the Most Important Assets that You Will Be Creating Following the Income Entourage 2 System?


Out of all the training materials and tips I have learned, I would say that building a list is definitely one of the most key skills to have and implement to ensure having a long term online income. The people on your lists not only allow you to know what your market is really looking for, but also allow you to provide long term value to your list and earn a passive income as well. By having lists, I can now also fully leverage the methods in the coaching program to refer other related products and generate more income. Income Entourage 2.0 will be available for download on the 4th of June.

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