1000 Questions For Couples Review – What You Absolutely Should Know About Your Mate

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This eBook delivered on what it promised and exceeded my expectations. I grabbed the text above off the author’s 1000 Questions For Couples website, but could have written it myself because I agree with every word.

The questions in this ebook dig deep and get you thinking and talking about many of the relationship dynamics a lot of couples don’t ever consider.

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I was pleasantly surprised by many of the questions in 1000 Questions For Couples and more than once thought – “Wow, I would have never thought to discuss that!”. There are excellent travel, house and home and religion questions; your sweetheart’s answers to the money questions could have you in store for a huge reality check! This is a book of questions and you will probably agree after reading it that discretion needs to be used with respect to when and how you broach these topics.

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What Kind of Questions Can You Find Inside 1000 Questions For Couples?

There are many light questions that you could ask on a first date, but many more questions that would probably make your date uncomfortable if discussed too early in the ‘getting to know you’ phase. Sure, it would be nice if we could discover everything there was to know about our dating partner right away…but this is not usually appropriate. Finally, I don’t feel that the answer to any one question could necessarily break your relationship, but as a whole they might send up warning flags to take a good look at your relationship.

Can 1000 Questions For Couples Help You Too?

Regardless, these questions will certainly provide hours of extremely interesting and stimulating conversation; I would even go so far as to say that you’ll know each other better than any other couple on the planet.

Women and men are inherently different. I’m not saying one sex is smarter or should expect a higher salary, but that they experience emotions and process experiences differently.

Who is the Owner of 1000 Questions For Couples and Can You Trust Him?

1000 Questions for Couples is the brainchild of author Michael Webb, considered to be one of the top experts in relationships. Michael has appeared on many TV shows (including Oprah), appeared in almost every major newspaper in the country, numerous radio shows, and can be found in dozens of magazines. The premise behind 1000 Questions for Couples is that it is better to find out everything you can NOW rather than years further into a relationship that is doomed.

Will 1000 Questions For Couples Work For You?

While you’re the only person who can answer that question for yourself, I’ll give you the benefit of our experience — actually our daughter’s experience — with 1000 Questions For Couples and maybe it will give you some guidance. Very few couples have the ability to really talk, especially those in new relationships. Most have difficulty broaching certain topics; sex, religion, family, to name a few. But in our daughter’s case, what she didn’t know about her ex-husband was devastating.

After going through four years of marriage that ended in a painful divorce, our daughter was faced with the fact that she had just wasted four years of her life — the prime of her life — in a relationship that was doomed from the start. She had no idea who he really was. So how could she avoid the same mistakes in her next relationship? Obviously getting to know more about him as quickly as possible would help, but the 21 questions routine will send most guys running for the door.

What Does The Woman Men Adore Teach?

To make a long story short, she’s dated several guys since her divorce and has used 1000 Questions For Couples kind of as a game. The guy had no clue that he was actually being tested. She’s been able to find out in a couple of hours what took her a couple of years to find out about her ex-husband — critical things that meant, bottom line, they didn’t belong together. She knows right away whether the guy is even remotely someone that she could be happy with. The result — no more precious time wasted. And just because you’re doing something that really needs to be done early in the relationship doesn’t mean you can’t have fun.

Overall, we highly recommend The Woman Men Adore guide as it has helped hundreds of couples truly understand their mates like they have never before.

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*Disclaimer: The author does not guarantee results with his strategies. 


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