0-6 Pack Abs Review: The Guide To Six Pack Abs


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If you are looking forward to get the abs you desire, Tyler Bramlett and Dr. James Vegher’s 0-6 Pack Abs Program is all you need. You might have spent hours doing the traditional ab workouts with no positive results.

Traditional workouts remain that, traditional, and they will never give you the satisfaction.

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That is why I decided to write a review, after I got my 6 pack through this program. Yes! It works. This review covers the following; what this program is about, the persons behind it, who the program is for, what makes it the best (pros) and cons and why you should try it out.

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What is the 0-6 Pack Abs Program by Dr. James Vegher And Tyler Bramlett About?: 

In a nut shell, this is an MP3 and video workout, whose aim is to help you master the key excises that will help you lose the fat and tone up the abs. The program is accompanied by a quick start guide aimed at helping you understand the main theory behind this method of workout and everything you need to get started. It also comes with a complete video library which makes the start easy as all you do is watch, learn and master each step.

Will 0-6 Pack Abs Program Work For You?

Whether a newbie in workouts or perhaps you have been using other methods to workout, this program is ideal for you. It teaches you on how to build a strong and solid foundation for a six pack and essentially create stronger abs.

Overview of 0-6 Pack Abs

This program has 4 different levels, and all have MP3, videos and a manual. This makes the program awesome as you can learn the exercise whenever and wherever you are. It is a continuous program and thus each level will build upon the last.

In addition, the program comes with a bonus package including videos, MP3s and a manual to give you 56 extra workouts! This helps the user build upon his/her results further while pushing themselves to new heights. The best thing about this program is that it takes just few minutes to complete.

Who Is Behind The 0-6 Pack Abs Program?

The 0-6 Pack Abs Program was created by Tyler Bramlett and Dr. Vegher. These are interesting individuals, with great experience in their fields. Tyler knows a lot about fitness and he runs a website on fitness. His fitness program gets massive traffic every month, meaning it gives positive results thus more recommendations. Tyler is also a personal trainer and has created 3 different programs on fitness and all have been successful. His motivation comes from his efforts in trying to get his wife back in shape after she gave birth. Other methods were not working until he come across Dr. James Vegher’s method.

Dr. Vegher has more than 20 years experience in physical therapy. What caught Tyler’s attention is the realization that Dr. Vegher had developed ab exercises aimed at re-educating the core muscles. This was exactly what Tyler needed for his wife. They therefore combined their experiences, Tyler with creating programs and Dr. Vegher with creating stronger abs, and the result was this awesome program that enables you exercise from your home.

Who Is This Program For?

Based on the fact that Dr. Vegher is an experienced physical therapists, you expect the exercise to be safe. Basically, no injuries expected. Therefore, the program is not discriminative. It is for everyone who desires six-pack abs. Dr. Vegher has been using the exercise on his patients for more than 20 years and has had proven success with it. The old and the young, male and female, the fit and not-fit, newbies and pros, have all seen results from it. The program is created for the human body and not specific types of bodies.

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*Disclaimer: This information should not be used to substitute professional medical advice. Individual results may vary.



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